Olivia Wong is a Toronto based artist and designer. She is a recent graduate from Ontario College of Art and Design University – majoring in Material Art and Design: Jewellery and minoring in Photography. 

From a young age she had (and always will have) an interest in jewellery and wearable objects. She enjoys working with metal as well as alternative materials such as acrylic and wood. With the human body in mind, she takes consideration of how wearable objects are worn, how objects are interacted with and what messages these objects convey.

Inspired by artists such Salvador Dali, Francesca Woodman and JoelPeter Witkin, Olivia creates images that discuss the boundaries between reality and the surreal. Working with self-portraiture and experimental processes she is able to create “an alternative realm for self-realization” – S.Ramljak. 

Previously exhibited at The Freedom Factory, The Independents Show Summer, Artusiasm 2017-2018, Scotiabank Contact Photography show at OCADU, Emerging Toronto Artist Awards Gala, as well as Toronto West Arts Collaborative's show at the CNE in 2016 & 2017. 


Olivia is also the founder of a new Toronto art collective - Collective TBD.

You can find out more about the collective on their website, facebook and instagram.




2012 - 2017   B. Des Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, ON




2018 VAM Exhibition - Freedom Factory, Toronto ON

2018 1 Year Anniversary - Artusiasm, Toronto ON

2018 An Ode To Women - Artusiasm, Toronto ON

2018 Unbridled  - Freedom Factory, Toronto ON

2017  Dirty Talk Show 013 - Smiling Buddha, Toronto, ON

2018 Figuratively Speaking - Artusiasm, Toronto ON

2017  Show Me What You Got - Jinks Art Factory, Toronto, ON

2017  Mood (Lost and Found Collective Group Exhibiton) - Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON

2017  Simply The Best - Artusiasm, Toronto, ON

2017  Dirty Talk Show 008 - Round Venue, Toronto, ON

2017  The Independents Show Summer 2017 - 1340 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

2017  Summerfest Exhibition - Artusiasm, Toronto, ON

2017  Escape Reality Exhibition - Artusiasm, Toronto, ON

2017 Scotiabank Contact Photography Show - Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, ON

2017 Graduate Exhibition - Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto ON

2016 Emerging Toronto Artist Awards 2016 - Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto ON

2016 Toronto West Arts Collaborative Art Space - Artworld Fine Art Gallery, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto ON

2016 Scotiabank Contact Photography Show - Ontario College of Art and Design University Toronto, ON

2016 No Subject - Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON

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